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David Lutz

619 St. Catherine Ct.

Newburgh, IN 47630

(812) 853-8344

Your order may be placed by phone, e-mail, or US mail. Sorry, but we're old fashioned and will only accept a cashier's check, money order or personal check. Shipping is free within the Continental US. Ask about rates outside the US. This is the only website where a new book may be purchased.

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Berlin - $64.70

Beijing - $64.70

Moscow - $64.70

London - $59.95


Standard Edition $150.00 New - Burgundy hardbound leatherette with gold embossed cover. First Edition. Size: 9 x 11 1/2.

Deluxe Edition $300.00 Only 300 made, 19 remain. This edition is leather bound with gold gilded pages, ridged spine, and leather slipcase. First Edition. Size: 9 x 11 1/2.

Profusely illustrated with b/w and color photographs of over 1700 authentic bannerstones. This comprehensive reference book is a must for anyone interested in Middle and Late Archaic Periods.

"One man with passion is better than 40 people merely interested."

- E.M. Forster

This website last updated on Dec. 08, 2019

I can't imagine a more comprehensive book on the topic. I just wish that all archaeologists were as meticulous and thorough as you are. It will be used as a reference book for the next hundred years.

                     - Richard W. Jefferies, PhD, University of Kentucky

It is to the author's credit that he has crafted a work that presents so many critical facts relative to this topic.

                      - Richard Michael Gramly, PhD

Wow, my first reaction to your newly completed bannerstone book is that I am stunned by the scope of your effort. Your book is a dramatic accomplishment and a major scientific work. You have created an encyclopedic reference that far surpasses anything else available on the subject.

                      - Kenneth Farnsworth - Senior Archaeologist, Center for American Archaeology, Kampsville, Illinois

What a labor of love! I think your book will be an important contribution to anyone studying atlatl weights/bannerstones.

                   - Jefferson Chapman, PhD, Director Frank H. McClung Museum, University of Tennessee at Knoxville

The book is priceless. It will be the bible for many years.

                      - Russell Long, PhD, Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas

It's a monumental work representing years of research. The illustrations in your book are some of the best I've seen in an archaeological work.

                   - Marjorie Jones, former Archaeology instructor at the University of Indiana, Evansville

You have done an incredible job in gathering all this information and photographing so many examples of these enigmatic objects.

                     - Mary Kwas, Archaeologist, Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park, Tennessee

It is obviously a labor of love. I know it represents countless hours of travel and photography.

                    - Brian Butler, PhD, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Living here in the midst of academia, I know of few friends of mine who have attained doctorates through more extensive, careful, and resourceful efforts than you applied to this project.

                   - David Little, Attorney, Bloomington, Indiana

Let me extend my congratulations to you on such a superb and monumental work.

                   - Oliver Skirvanie, Attorney, Two Rivers, Wisconsin

You have raised the bar to a new height for anyone planning to write a book on bannerstones. Thanks for all your years of dedication to this difficult task.

                     - Neal Brown, PhD, Columbus, Georgia

I thoroughly enjoyed your book. The weekend that I read the first half was one of my best weekends ever.

                    - Bill Mesnard, Califon, New Jersey

I no longer consider Knoblock the authority on the subject of bannerstones.

                      - Sam Brooks, U.S. Forest Service Archaeologist

Having known David for many years I opened the book with eager anticipation, knowing the contents would be factual and the photographs excellent.

                     - Alan Banks, former Editor of Central States Archaeological Journal 

The book has changed our lives forever.

                      - Terry McGuire, Illinois businessman

                      - Ed Harvey, California educator

Few people, either professional or avocational, could have undertaken such a monumental task. It will be included among the finest archaeological books of our time.

                    - Bob Converse, Editor of The Ohio Archaeologist

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